Welcome on my blog.

After reaching more then 15.000 followers on Instagram the time has come to start blogging☺️

Now that the new summercollection is out and I found these amazing new muranos maybe here, on Charmdluv.com, I can tell you something more about my Pandora moments and share how I experience making my creations.

I’m new to this so it will probably take a while to develop my own style .

My mother language is not English so it will not always be easy to describe excactly what I feel or want to say but I will do my best.

IMG_3374 2

Summercollection 2017

On june 1st I got to see the new Pandora collection in real life.
Like many of you I already saw pictures on IG, blogs and websites.

I really didn’t know what to think, especially about the charms with the multi coloured enamel.

From the moment I saw all the newbies my eye fell on the muranos.


And although I also really love (no WANT) the white orchids I new I had to make a choice.

I asked to show me all the ones they had because there can be a difference in size and colour. So if possible … choose the ones you like best.

These 2 beauties matched perfect so I took these home with me.


The colour is amazing. I find it more green, my friend called them blue.


They are very soft coloured with little airbubbels and touches of gold.

Gives them a gorgious sparkle in the sunlight.

Great in combination with gold of course.

But if you don’t have any gold charms or do not like it… just go with plain silver.

Just a little bit of happiness in a beautiful bracelet.

That’s all I need 🙂


And of course you can also keep it simple.

Hope you enjoyed my first blogpost….

Love, Helen x




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