Playing with colours

I love jewelry…

I love colours…

I love change…

That’s mainly why I got addicted to Pandora.

Making endless creations using only these little charms gives me so much joy.
Not only do I get to wear something different every time, the creation itself can be very fullfilling. It releases the stress and relaxes my mind.

It’s like music and writing beautiful melodies depending on the way you feel.

Every day… again and again.

When you have a beautiful bracelet, filled  with plain silver charms, you can make wonderful changes just by adding colour. It’s so much fun to combine accessories like scarves, handbags, shoes and jewelry, and spice up your outfit.


Start by the layout of the bracelet.
As I already had this composition I will be working with the same charms.


I decided to go for purple today so I chose the charms I wanted to add.

Still madly in love with the purple bloom murano which my mom got me from her trip to Valencia, I added the Darling Daisies Spacer. These are so easy to work with and I love the white enamel.

I really want the white orchid charm, is on the top of my wishlist. Will look great with these purples too.


For me the first thing I decide then is which charm goes in the middle of the bracelet.

I try to keep the balance when I place the colours.

So that when the bracelet turns there is always a hint of the purple.


Just move the charms around until you find the perfect styling.

Try them on and be sure the bracelet stays flexible. You don’t want the clips to burst open because of to much tension.


This is it! Just a magical bracelet.


Some other combo’s with the same silver charms.



I love them all! Wich one do you like best?


9 thoughts on “Playing with colours

  1. You are for sure one of my main inspirations for how you play with color!! My favorites are the blue and purple ones. It’s cool to hear your thought process on how you build a bracelet as it’s very similar to mine with a centerpiece and color symmetry. Beautiful pics as always!!

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    1. Hi, thank you for your kind words. It’s not always easy for me to describe what I mean in English… centerpease I will remember😛 I hope I can find more interesting things to write about.


  2. This was so much fun to read and I love that you shared your method. I do something similar but I don’t fill mine up any more. I used to years ago, but It’s easier and lighter at work. I think I love your orange and purple combos the best out of the ones you shared, but then, I love all of your combos!


    1. Hi Sarah, thank you for your kind words. I also love the purple and orange. But it’s so hard to choose betweem them. I don’t fill them up always… I started doing it for IG and so it’s kind of a daily ritual for me;-) Never bores me.


  3. You take wonderful photos that completely show your creative process. I am so impressed that you decided to blog and in a second language, you are amazing! I look forward to reading future posts about your beautiful collection! What was your first charm? How did you start collecting?

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    1. Hi, thank you for your sweet comment. My first charm was the Eiffeltower. I adore Paris so when I saw the charm in a little jewelrystore in Holland I just decided to get me a bracelet and some charms. Didn’t think it would ger me to this☺️ Ever since then I just started collecting. I used to buy more different styles of jewelry, now because of the cost, I only try to get me these beauties😛 never ending storyof course…

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  4. I just love the story your photos tell about how you build a bracelet ( I’m torn between blue and orange as my favourite) and I am completely impressed that you decided to blog but not in your first language! You are brave and amazing!!! I look so forward to reading your future posts. I’d love to read about how you got started collecting and what your first charms were.


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