Spring cleaning…

Every now and then my charms stop shining and get dull.

Especially in the summer when you sweat more this happens frequently.
So I try to give them a good cleaning about once a month.

This is very easy to do.

I would recommend doing this now and then just to keep the charms shiny and clean.

Even when you don’t think it is necessary.

How do I do it:

Add water (warm, not hot) + detergent (I use Dreft) in a small bowl + charms + bracelets …


Let them soak for a while … I prefer to let them sit for a few hours but it doesn’t have to be that long.

Half an hour can be good enough.

With an old soft toothbrush give them a little scrub.


Even the gold,  muranos and bracelets:

This can take a while so I usually watch some TV or Netflix 🙂

I place the charms in another bowl with just clean water, so the soap does not stick to the jewelry:


After everything is washed you can see how dirty the water is.

And I am always very careful with parfum, or bodylotions.



When everything is washed I rinse a few times, just hold the bowl under the tap until all the soap is gone:


And then lay all the charms on a dry kitchen towel:


I take every piece and dry manually, just quickly:


After that I lay the pieces on some kitchen paper to dry.

Spick & span

all shiny and ready to be worn again.


I hope you too will have some fun doing this…

It makes me happy every time 🙂

Love xxx


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