Checking out the new collection…

Having my Instagram account and newborn blog is always a perfect excuse to go check out the newest Pandora collection… even the husband follows me wherever I go😘

I already saw lots of pictures from my Instafriends so had some thought of what I wanted.

No rose and no gold.

Just the silver collection…

I guess it’s always exciting because even when you see lot’s of pictures it’s never the same in the store.

As I already have lots (yes I know) I always try to find something I do not have. Different…

Of course it would be fun just to buy them all but unfortunately as a hardworking woman that’s not possible.

My expenses are very limited😂

The sweet saleslady also showed me which charms will be released here in Belgium from the Disney Collection… need to get savin!

Saw lots and lots of goodies.

After shopping a quick cappuccino was more than welcome.

It’s always fun to come home and glance and the new beauties.

In the office…


With the new dress (from Xandres)…

Now that Pandora Holland has taken over Pandora Belgium I received a new loyalty card… very interesting!

Happy me cannot wait to start playing and combining with the new beauties!

What did you get from the new collection?

Helen x

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